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What Is The Average Cost Of Foundation Repair?

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You should never underestimate the need for foundation repair. You depend on your home to keep you safe, and your home depends on its foundation to keep it standing. Failing to care for your home is like failing to care for your own body. If you turn a blind eye to the problems, they’ll only get worse. That is why it is so important to keep up with repairing your home’s foundation. In this post, we’ll answer all your questions, including what the average cost of foundation repair is. We’ll also touch more on its importance and what types of repairs are available to you.

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What Is Foundation Repair?

First, we’ll get down to the basics. Foundation repair refers to fixing the structure that holds up your house. Every house must have a foundation beneath it. Without a proper foundation, your house would collapse under the weight. It’s also needed to provide a layer of protection between the bare ground and the wooden material in your home. Otherwise, your house would most likely rot from the ground up.

In most homes, the foundation is concrete. Depending on your home’s location and time of construction, it could also be lumber, stone, on brick.

The majority of foundations are on a raised perimeter, while some are on a flat slab of concrete. The type of material used affects the average cost of foundation repair for your home.

Over time, these materials may develop cracks or splits that could lead to damage to your home. Foundation repair fixes these breaches before they turn into something more damaging.

Why Do I Need To Repair My Home’s Foundation?

When a house is first constructed, it’s expected to adapt to the environment it was built upon. This means the house will settle over time naturally. It is nothing to worry about right away. You do need to pay attention to ensure the house doesn’t settle too much, though.

If you notice a shift in your home’s floors or walls, it may mean that it is settling further than expected. Your house may be sinking into its foundation, and it’s important to be aware of this.

The damage that can result from an unfixed foundation can be extensive. You do not want these cracks and chips in your foundation to develop any further than they already have. Doing so might lead to water seeping into these cracks and damaging the building’s framework. Besides water damage, the risk of mold or other harmful bacteria growing in your home also increases.

To ensure that your home is safe and livable, you must ensure that its foundation is sturdy. Even if you plan on moving, you should have this fixed beforehand. Buyers will turn away from a house that’s foundation isn’t strong, no matter how beautiful it looks inside.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Foundation repair costs depend on the size of your home and the extent of the damage.

Costs may range anywhere from $1500 to $6500. Though the average cost of foundation repair generally falls around $4000. If the damage is minor and only requires small patching of cracks, you may only be looking at a $200-$800 bill. If the entire structure of your home needs repairing, it can cost somewhere upwards of $10,000.

The first step in determining how much you will pay for foundation repairs is identifying the problem. For cracks smaller than ⅛”, you can expect to pay a much smaller fee. These cracks likely aren’t affecting the entire structure of your home.

When the cracks appear larger than ⅛”, this is when it becomes a problem. Splits and cracks of this size might indicate that your foundation is sinking.

What Are The Types Of Foundation Repair?

There are many different ways to repair your home’s foundation. The options available depend on a few things. The most obvious relates to the type of foundation that is holding up your home. The other factor relates to the extent of the damage to your structure. Finally, it depends on what you’re willing to invest to strengthen and protect your home from future foundation damage.

It also depends on what the experts repairing your home recommend. We’ll list the most popular types of foundation repair and a tell you little about each of them:

  • Steel Piers
    • This type of repair takes a lesser amount of time than concrete piers. They also cause less of a disturbance to the landscape around the foundation.
    • Steel piers have revolutionized the process of repair. They are more data and technology-driven in installation.
  • Concrete Piers
    • Most homes and structures are on concrete piers.
    • Liquid concrete gets poured into holes drilled deep underneath the foundation.
  • Perma Pile Piers
    • Up to 10 times less expensive than replacing the foundation itself.
    • Experts can perform the repair without you needing to evacuate your home.
    • Ideal for lighter foundation areas like porches or decks.
  • Earthquake Piers
    • Reinforced foundation material also known as a seismic pier.
    • Protect the home or building from unwanted destruction by stabilizing the foundation.
  • Tornado Piers
    • Constructed using structural engineering to expect potential high wind and water surge loads.
    • Transfers the weight of the structure toward the soil to keep the home from leaving the ground.
  • High-Density Polyurethane Foam
    • This injectable foam is the simplest form of foundation repair.
    • Offers a low price and speeds up the process of repair.
    • Has potential to clog HVAC ducts or drain lines.

To determine what is best for your home in particular, contact a foundation repair expert.

How Do I Know When It’s Time To Repair My Foundation?

Like we said before, it’s important to pay attention to your home’s foundation. It might be showing all the signs of needing a repair, but if you don’t know what to look for, then you probably aren’t aware. Here are some key signs that your foundation needs repairing:

  • You notice cracks in the floors, walls, or ceilings of the interior of your home.
  • The floors of your home are uneven or sagging.
  • Chunks of concrete appear to be missing from your home’s foundation.
  • There are cracks in the sheetrock or bricks on the exterior of your home.
  • If you notice your home is drafty or warmer than usual. This might mean there are gaps around the door frames or window sills due to a shifting foundation.
  • If your doors or windows aren’t opening/closing like normal.
  • Your cabinets are pulling away from the wall, hanging crooked, or opening/closing in an abnormal manner.
  • You notice gaps in the corners of your home.
  • Wooden materials along the floor or other areas in your home seem to be decaying.
  • You notice standing water, damp walls or floors, or excessive humidity in your basement or crawlspace.

Signs that you need to repair your foundation aren’t subjected to these signs only. There are various other indicators that the structure of your home isn’t holding up well. The best way to be sure your home’s foundation is sound is tohave an expert come inspect it. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry, after all.

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